Saturday, 28 February 2015

Blog Graphics #1

I've been playing around with a different graphics site and created these post covers. I'm trying to figure it out as I go and figure out what works best for my blog. I'll keep creating new graphics until I find the perfect fit for our blog.

Let me know what I should include in my graphics! I'm just a beginner so would love all feedback!

Love Katie xoxo

Friday, 27 February 2015

Year Of Firsts

So having seen this amazing idea over at The Confetti Room (a wonderful blog), I decided to do a #YearOfFirsts list of my own. Coming up with these was a great way for me to create a list of things that I really want to do this year, and what a better way than to share them with you.

As I do each thing on the list, I will post about it with photos showing what I did and link it to the items on the list. 

1.  Have an amazing year, full of new experiences
2.     Create a full fashion outfit layout and photo spread
3.     Grow Beautiful Temptations to 100 page views per day
4.     Create a logo and images for Beautiful Temptations
5.     Make bath bombs and bath salts
6.     Go on an adventure in Melbourne
7.     Achieve 20 consecutive push-ups
8.     Implement healthy eating into my life
9.     Film and upload a YouTube video
10.  Create my own recipe from scratch
11. Connect with other bloggers
12.  Bring more inspiring quotes into my life
13.  Create an About Me (and Ivy) page
14.  Work on my photography skills
15.  Buy something from Lush
16.  Do something arty
17.  Cook a dessert
18.  Figure out how to use makeup
19.  Reach 100 followers on Facebook
20. Go out for brunch
21.  Discover a new brand
22.  Go to a market
23.  Find a new hobby
24.  Learn some basic conversation skills in Chinese
25. Go overseas

     Links to other Bloggers doing this challenge...AKA #YearOfFirsts Participants
     -Elise @The Confetti Room-Lu @Looking For Mama Me
     Let me know in the comments below if you are doing this to and I’ll link to your blog post!

     Love Katie xoxo

Beauty Review Friday #1

So today's beauty product review regards two of my favourite all-in-one items from The Body Shop.

I absolutely love The Body Shop and their fresh and assured scents. They are always releasing new products to replace outgoing lines which is fantastic too! I have a bit of an addiction to trying their new fruity scents when they're released, and The Body Shop often has sales which is fantastic too.

The two items I'm reviewing today are The Body Shops

-All-In-One Instablur  $21.95

-All-In-One BB Cream  $21.95

So I'll start with the All-In-One Instablur, which is priced at a reasonable $21.95. This product is made in Thailand if that interests you,
and comes in 25ml. This is also a universal product which works for everybody's skin tone.

What The Body Shop says about this product

"Blur imperfections and get flawless photo-perfect skin with All-in-One™ Instablur™. 

As a five-action face perfecter, All-in-One™ Instablur™ works in five amazing ways to give you a fresh, flawless look in an instant. 

  • 12-hour shine control 
  • Pore smoothing, to reduce the appearance of pores 
  • Blemish Hiding
  • Complexion unifying, for an even skin tone 
  • Make-up extending, for fewer touch-ups during the day!" 
I absolutely love this product and would definitely say it does all of that. It works so well as a base for makeup, and doesn't have a very strong scent at all. It gives the skin a soft feel, and makeup sits well on top of it. I use Instablur over a light facial hydration product, and don't usually use a moisturiser under this product. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for a new makeup base, and this product has never caused my skin to break out.

The other product is the All-In-One BB Cream  which is at the same price of $21.95. This is a colour-adapting tinted cream. This product is made in the USA and comes in 25ml also. You can get this BB cream in five shades from 00 to 05. My skin is very light so I use 00, and it seems like a good match. You are able to test it out in store to find the perfect match.

What The Body Shop says about this product

"Our new All-In-One™ BB cream transforms from a white cream to suit your skin tone. Pigment-filled capsules burst when applied to the skin, releasing the colour inside. Just blend for a perfect match and an even, undetectable finish. It’s make-up and skincare in one. 

  • Adapts to your skin tone 
  • Light to medium coverage 
  • Even finish 
  • 24-hour hydration 
  • Non-clogging"
This product works so well and is the BB cream I use when I go out and want a nice light coverage. It blends so well into the face as it has capsules of pigment that release colour as you blend it into your skin. This gives it the ability to suit your face exactly as it is perfect at blending into your skin colour. I would definitely recommend that you go into a Body Shop store and test out this awesome product!

I'm sure you'll see posts about other Body Shop items from me in the future, as they are one of my favourite brands.

Do you like The Body Shop? If so whats your favourite item?

Hope you have a great weekend,
Love Katie xoxo

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Gift Idea Wednesday #1

So todays gift idea is the lovely Spots and Checks Teapot for One from T2. Click here to view the item on the T2 website.

These Teapots are $60.01 each, and all standard orders over $60.00 are shipped FREE within Australia within 3-5 working days. For more information on T2 and their international shipping costs click here.

It's a lovely gift idea and would make a thoughtful gift. I especially love the artistic and colourful designs on the teapots.

Which one of these teapots is your favourite? I adore the green, yellow and purple one!

Love Katie xoxo

Monday, 23 February 2015

Foodie Monday #1

So it's 'Foodie Monday,' and once again i'm feeling the weekend blues and missing my sleep in. Despite many attempts I have not ever managed to make a weekend slow down, and as the year goes on they get shorter and shorter.

Today I want to highlight one of the most magnificent desserts, the humble and mighty beautiful cheesecake!

This radiant beauty has been my go to dessert for the last five years. The flavours are a medly of songs bursting in your month (maybe a little over the top for a food description).

I had this particular cheesecake (photographed) a few weeks ago at the lovely Glen Iris Pantry, down in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

To satisfy your cravings for this delicious cake why don't you try baking it this week, it's well worth the effort. I've found a great recipe from Taste AU, for this here.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite dessert is this week, or email me a picture of your homemade desserts and i'll post them together next week.

Hope you had a beautiful day!
Love Katie xoxo


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There will be a huge variety of different posts, so hopefully there's something for everyone.

There will be posts by Ivy and Katie at least twice a week, and there will be additional posts for different themes throughout different months. Guest posts will also be featured.

They are happy to work with any blogs, companies and people so feel free to contact them at

During February/March the weekly additional posts will be based around the following themes:

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