Welcome to Beautiful Temptations @ http://beautemptations.blogspot.com.au

This blog is run by two enthusiastic young girls about all things beautiful and tempting they come across. Each post will be different a may include a recipe, photo, review, memoir, experience, list etc.

There will be a huge variety of different posts, so hopefully there's something for everyone.

There will be posts by Ivy and Katie at least twice a week, and there will be additional posts for different themes throughout different months. Guest posts will also be featured.

They are happy to work with any blogs, companies and people so feel free to contact them at

During February/March the weekly additional posts will be based around the following themes:

Monday- Food
Wednesday- Gift Idea
Friday- Beauty Product Review
Weekend- Posts by Ivy and Katie

I'm Katie, a crazy young person who loves exploring, trying new things and discovering the possibilities of life. I'm an overly enthusiastic person, who approaches life with a passion to experience awesome things! I love adventures and the great outdoors, as well as exploring the world around me. I'm delving into the arena of writing and thought blogging was an excellent way to do that! I can't wait to share my journey with you this year, as I complete my #YearOfFirsts.

Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions, questions and comments or email them at

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