Monday, 23 February 2015

Foodie Monday #1

So it's 'Foodie Monday,' and once again i'm feeling the weekend blues and missing my sleep in. Despite many attempts I have not ever managed to make a weekend slow down, and as the year goes on they get shorter and shorter.

Today I want to highlight one of the most magnificent desserts, the humble and mighty beautiful cheesecake!

This radiant beauty has been my go to dessert for the last five years. The flavours are a medly of songs bursting in your month (maybe a little over the top for a food description).

I had this particular cheesecake (photographed) a few weeks ago at the lovely Glen Iris Pantry, down in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

To satisfy your cravings for this delicious cake why don't you try baking it this week, it's well worth the effort. I've found a great recipe from Taste AU, for this here.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite dessert is this week, or email me a picture of your homemade desserts and i'll post them together next week.

Hope you had a beautiful day!
Love Katie xoxo

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