Friday, 27 February 2015

Year Of Firsts

So having seen this amazing idea over at The Confetti Room (a wonderful blog), I decided to do a #YearOfFirsts list of my own. Coming up with these was a great way for me to create a list of things that I really want to do this year, and what a better way than to share them with you.

As I do each thing on the list, I will post about it with photos showing what I did and link it to the items on the list. 

1.  Have an amazing year, full of new experiences
2.     Create a full fashion outfit layout and photo spread
3.     Grow Beautiful Temptations to 100 page views per day
4.     Create a logo and images for Beautiful Temptations
5.     Make bath bombs and bath salts
6.     Go on an adventure in Melbourne
7.     Achieve 20 consecutive push-ups
8.     Implement healthy eating into my life
9.     Film and upload a YouTube video
10.  Create my own recipe from scratch
11. Connect with other bloggers
12.  Bring more inspiring quotes into my life
13.  Create an About Me (and Ivy) page
14.  Work on my photography skills
15.  Buy something from Lush
16.  Do something arty
17.  Cook a dessert
18.  Figure out how to use makeup
19.  Reach 100 followers on Facebook
20. Go out for brunch
21.  Discover a new brand
22.  Go to a market
23.  Find a new hobby
24.  Learn some basic conversation skills in Chinese
25. Go overseas

     Links to other Bloggers doing this challenge...AKA #YearOfFirsts Participants
     -Elise @The Confetti Room-Lu @Looking For Mama Me
     Let me know in the comments below if you are doing this to and I’ll link to your blog post!

     Love Katie xoxo


  1. Hi Katie and welcome to blogging! Great list. I hope you get to do some of them soon. I have been out for brunch so many times this year already...I have lost count. I am lazy and spoilt. I have some basic conversational Chinese, Cantonese to be exactly. I know lots of food related phrases :)

  2. Thanks, it's exciting starting a new blog! I hope so to, I really want to make this year incredible!!

  3. Great list! Welcome to blogging, I've only been doing it for a month as well, so only a little longer than yourself. I love the 20 push ups goal....I think I can do about 2! I'm looking forward to following your year of firsts :) My list is at

  4. Thanks Lu for checking out my list. I've linked your list to my post above. Ah I'm only at about 10 push ups at the moment, have a bit of work to go! Thanks!